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My Lenten Challenge 2023

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St. Etchen's Kinnegad is now accepting Enrolment for 2023/2024

Prayer to the Holy Spirit for Confirmation Candidates

Synthesis of the Consultation in Ireland for the Diocesan Stage of the Universal Synod 2021 – 2023

During the diocesan phase of the synodal process, a deliberate effort was made to reach as wide a spectrum of people as possible within the timeframe available. Facilitators listened to people in urban and rural areas, as well as people who are church-goers and people who are not. The document below is a compilation of the main themes identified from the listening and consultation.


Volunteering to Participate in the

Work of the Parish


Volunteering is the most valuable way for you to actively participate in the Church.  There is a deepening awareness throughout the Church that all of us who are committed to take our Baptism seriously and live Faithful lives do this best when we participate in our local Parish – where we can voluntarily give our time to work to further the Kingdom of God.  This is what Baptism set us up to do! And it is what our Parishes are fundamentally about.

If you would like to volunteer please download a form, give its suggestions some thought and volunteer!