Kinnegad Parish

Parish Easter Schedule

Easter Music

Holy Thursday

Entrance Hymn:-

CD Name: Piano Dalmationo; Instrumental Music

Responsorial Psalm:

CD Name: Liam Lawton Healing Song, You are my Shepherd

Lighting of candles Of 12 Candles:

CD Name: Catholic Instrumental Classics, Stephen Petrunak, I come with Joy

Offertory: The Body of Christ

Communion Hymns:

CD Name: Catholic Communion Classic Hymns cathedral singers Soul Of My Saviour

& I am the bread Of life.

Transfer of the Holy Eucharist:

CD Name : Catholic Communion Classic Hymns cathedral singers Pange Lingua Gloriosi.& O Salutaris hostia.

Adoration prayerful Hour;

CD Name :Whispers Of Hope Instrumental ; Marie Dunne CHF

Good Friday

Entrance: Play @2.55pm

Name of CD: Lumina Liam Lawton Instrumental The silence and the sorrow.

Responsorial Psalm:

Name of CD Ancient ways Future Days Liam Lawton; Hymn, Psalm 21 My God My God.

After Gospel Reflective Music:

Name of CD: Were You There; Forgive Them, Forgive Us (2.50 mins)

The Veneration of the Cross:

Name of CD: Were You There; Hymn No 1: Were You There Stanza 1 (1.18 min) Repeat.

Communion Hymns:

Name of CD: The Song of the Celtic soul: The clouds Veil Liam Lawton: – I will be the vine

Second hymn, The clouds Veil.

No End Hymn /Silence.

Easter Saturday Vigil (Only if no live music Available).

Liturgy of Light: Entrance: Silence

As the Pascal Candle is lit; Name of CD: Were You There; Hymn/ track no 23 service of light. (1 .16)

If congregation are having candles lit; Name Of CD, Whispers of Hope, instrumental track no7, a candle For You.

Easter Proclamation:

Name of CD: Ancient ways future Days Liam Lawton Hymn/ track no 8 Exsultet

The Liturgy OF the Word:

Responsorial Psalm:

Name of CD: Were You There: Hymn No 26; Psalm141 (Repeated after each reading) (2.39 mins)

Gloria: Glory to God

Name of CD: The Song of the Celtic Soul: Clouds Liam Lawton Veil Hymn Track no8: Glory To God

Responsorial Psalm:

Name of CD: The Song of the Celtic Soul: Clouds Veil Liam Lawton Hymn Track no9: Gospel Acclamation

Liturgy Of The baptism

Blessing Of the Baptismal Water

Name of CD: Catholic Hymn Instrumental; Vol 3, Bobby Fisher; Hymn /track No 9, I know that my redeemer Lives (3.44)


Name Of CD: Catholic Communion Classic Hymns cathedral singers Vol11, track no 15, Sicut cervus

Baptismal vows renewal; Congregation lighting of candles:

Name of CD: Divine piano, Kevin Duncan, Piano instrumental, Track no 11.


Name Of CD: Whispers of Hope, instrumental track no 9 Guiding light.

The Liturgy OF the Eucharist:

For Preparation of Altar & Gifts Brought Up

Name of CD: Easter Sunday CD in Brown Envelope: Hymn No 2 Ag Crisot an siol and

Name of CD: Catholic Communion Classic Hymns cathedral singers Vol11: Hymn no 12 Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All.

Holy Communion Hymns:

Name of CD: Catholic Communion Classic Hymns cathedral singers Vol11, no 6 : received the living God and No 7 :Let us break bread together.

End of Mass Hymn: CD Name: Verbatim: Hymn; track No 6, Our God Reigns

First Reconciliation

Kinnegad Parish is working to help parents be involved in their child's sacramental preparation.

We hope to tap into parents new found confidence (post Covid homeschooling) by giving parents an easy to follow tool to help their children get ready for First Reconciliation or First Holy Communion.

Some parents from St Etchen's National School have already given it a go and this is what they have to say.

Please check out the video below.

For a Synodal Church


Tuesday March 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th

At 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

St. Etchen’s School, Kinnegad

The journey begins this Week – Tuesday 8 th March 7.30 p.m. St. Etchen’s School, Kinnegad

This week our Parish, Deanery and the Diocese of Meath begins its Synodal Pathway. All members of the Christian community are invited to be part of the Synodal process which will take place on the Tuesdays of Lent. We will encounter the Synodal process very practically and very accessibly as a series of meetings to reflect together, to listen to the Word of God, to discern what our Heavenly Father is saying to the Church at this moment of time in the Holy Spirit.

By asking us to reflect on our experience of Communion, Participation, and Mission in the life of our Church at Parish [and local level], Pope Francis is calling each of us to play our part in bringing about a new springtime for our Church. The first meeting in our Deanery [involving the Parishes of Mullingar; Dysart’ Ballynacargy, Miltown; Castletown-Geoghegan; Rochfortbridge; Killucan; Kinnegad; Ballinabrackey] will take place in Kinnegad at St. Etchen’s School on Tuesday 8 th March, 2022, beginning at 7.30 p.m. This meeting/process will be repeated on Tuesday, 15 th , 22 nd and 29 th March in the same venue at the same time. This is to allow as many people as possible take part in the synodal process.

Check out what the process involves through our short video.

See also the explanation brochure available in our Churches.

For a Synodal Church; Communion, Participation and Mission

  • The Synodal Pathway process is started.

  • The word “Synod” has a basic meaning of journeying together, in the same direction as brothers and and sisters in fellowship with Christ. It is how the Church – we disciples of Jesus – best understand what we are about as Church (community of friends of Jesus).

  • The Synodal pathway wants to open up conversations among ourselves about how we see ourselves now and how we look forward.

  • It wants to do this in a very practical way. The idea is that we meet, explore some questions and help develop a strategy to build up the life of the Church. We need to do this together – we are a community of disciples.

  • In the Diocese of Meath the plan is to arrange a number of gatherings at Deanery level in each of the Tuedays of Lent.

  • We are in the Deanery of Mullingar which is made up of nine Parishes. The Synod gatherings will take place in Kinnegad.

  • Here are the questions that will be at the crux of the meeting for discussion:

I. Communion

(a). To what extent do we experience shared faith, companionship, togetherness and friendship in your Parish

(b). How can we, as Catholics, create a real sense of welcome, belonging, and inclusion in our Parish community?

II. Participation

(a). What opportunities are there within your Parish and/or Diocese for you to speak freely, to be listened to, and to be heard?

(b). How might new opportunities be developed for the voice of all people to be heard in your Parish?

III. Misson

(a). What is your experience of growing in your faith and active sharing in the life

of your Parish and/or Diocese?

(b). How can the Parish community form people of faith who desire to be invovled in and responsible for the life of their Parish community?

Please participate in the synodal pathway!

Volunteering to Participate in the

Work of the Parish

Volunteering is the most valuable way for you to actively participate in the Church. There is a deepening awareness throughout the Church that all of us who are committed to take our Baptism seriously and live Faithful lives do this best when we participate in our local Parish – where we can voluntarily give our time to work to further the Kingdom of God. This is what Baptism set us up to do! And it is what our Parishes are fundamentally about.

If you would like to volunteer please download a form, give its suggestions some thought and volunteer!

Rite and Reason Column on Synodal Pathway from Irish Times

Dr. Nicola Brady

5 October 2021